Process expertise through vertical integration across over 700,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space.


Our state-of-the-art cutting technology includes die press, knife cutting and laser cutting. We operate numerous cutting machines across five facilities, delivering the right products promptly, reliably and with outstanding customer service support.

Our custom processes work with leathers, vinyls, airbags, foam, foam-in-place, and wrapping. Cutting capabilities range from standard to complex are always precise. We pride ourselves on engineered process flows with high throughput and superior material utilization.


HFI surpasses its competition by sewing simple to complex automotive parts using precise techniques learned throughout 40 years of sewing experience.

We sew trim covers (seat backs, seat cushions, headrests, armrests, side wings / bolsters), air bags, inserts (doors, bolsters, consoles), shifter boots, speaker covers and carpet surging.

Our stitching techniques include welts, deck, hems, join, French, binding and join.


Efficiency, quality, value and timeliness stand at the forefront of HFI product innovations. Our assembly operations handle multiple materials, multiple process sub-assemblies, lot sequencing and just-in-time production schedules. We maintain an array of assembly skills giving us the capability to deliver handcrafted workmanship or more controlled automation based on the product design and requirements.


Our customers rely on HFI for turn-key capabilities. This includes full pattern development, traditional build to print, and engineering of molded foam assembly. Our engineered molded foam assembly is for the utilization of the foam-in-place process for high-quality product appearance. We maintain foam-in-place capabilities within our US and MX facilities to meet the requirements of our valued customers.

Small Parts Foam

HFI has in-house small parts foam capabilities at three facilities that can be utilized to support a vertical integration chain for small parts assemblies, enabling efficiencies and competitive cost structures to be passed on to our valued customers.