HFI is an industry leader with over 15 years experience in
Foam-in-Place technology.

HFI's Foam-In-Place (FIP) technology is often used in automotive headrests and seat armrest applications. The FIP process combines two stages of foaming and stuffing into a single process in which the foam chemicals are poured directly into a sewn trim cover and frame component. HFI produces FIP products using a combination of fixed gantry and rotating carousel foaming technology. We utilize multiple chemical streams to achieve customer-directed safety specifications for foam ILD, hardness, and flammability. This FIP technology, combined with our pattern development and cutting technology, produces superior quality and appearance parts for automotive seating.

HFI’s Foam-In-Place Products include:

  • Headrest Assemblies
  • Seat Armrest Assemblies
  • Articulating Components